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Discover how my 35 years of trapping thousands of pocket gophers can turn you into a confident, self assured, and effective gopher trapper in less than a day!

Learn the best and easiest ways to eradicate pocket gophers from lawns, yards, and flower gardens. Gain knowledge in proven methods of getting rid of pocket gophers in hay fields, pastures, and other fields on farms and ranches.

  From: Tim Klinkenberg  
 Dear Friend with Gopher Troubles,

Save money, time, and have the right knowledge when purchasing rodent control equipment and devices.

If you are looking for the best information available to control or eradicate pocket gophers on your property, you have found the right site How to Trap Pocket Gophers is for you.

My associate and I have researched over 200 hours.  We gleaned data from the library, from fellow trappers and from the web, and added it to the knowledge gained from experience during my 35+ years trapping pocket gophers.

Learn how to stop your gophers so you can reclaim your property!!!  If you suffer from pocket gopher damage on your property, then you know what it is like living with these rodents.  I created this web page to help you!

You will realize some amazing facts about how to stop your gophers in their tracks so you can start repairing the damage they are doing to your property!!!

You are going to learn what gophers eat, how to find gopher holes, how to get rid of gophers in your yard, and how to dispose of gophers without touching the bodies.  You will discover problems with using gopher poisons.  You will learn the difference between killing gophers and moles as well as other rodents.

For all the animal lovers out there, why must we kill gophers?

 Gophers are rodents that usually live in places where they are not pests. The problem is that they move onto property where they do damage.

 I believe that you should kill the first ones before they breed so you don't have to kill all the little ones.  Stop the first generation so you don't have additional generations to catch.

 I do not believe that repellents and electronic devices work well. These products simply cause some of your gophers to move to your neighbor's property where they continue to breed.  Would you want your neighbor using this kind of product to scare gophers into your yard?

 The gophers are still alive to have new young, and they will continue to invade your property as well as your neighbors.  To solve your gopher problems, you will end up killing five or six gophers instead of the original one or two.

 The use of live traps to trap and transplant pocket gophers is, I believe, illegal in most states.  Would you want someone from the other side of town releasing live gophers in your neighborhood?

 Just trap the first ones and stop the heartache.

trap gophers, gopher traps

In my e-book "How to Trap Pocket Gophers" you will find EXACTLY:

  • What a pocket gopher is... Page 5.
  • What a pocket gopher eats... Page 6.
  • How to find pocket gopher holes... Pages 8-9.
  • What traps are sold today and how I rate them... Page 15.
  • How pocket gophers spread... Page 16.
  • How farmers should trap in hay fields, and methods to slow the spread of pocket gophers in farm fields.. Page 20.

Gopher Be Gone E-Book


 Rodent control professionals charge up to $100.00 just to show up for a house call.  Depending on the method chosen to get rid of your pocket gophers, you could spend hundreds of dollars before he is through.

 Professionals need to cover all the costs it takes to be in business.  Their overhead includes computers, transportation expenses, license to be in business, gopher handling equipment, and so on.

 Their fees are high because they will need to return a couple of times to make sure all your gophers are removed.  I have seen prices in newspapers as high as $125.00 just to show up and $35.00 per animal removed

In many areas of the country, professionals who will do pocket gopher control of any type are simply not available.  The most cost effective way to control your pocket gophers is to purchase this E-book today and learn how to do it yourself.

 If you are not able to trap the gophers yourself, you could train someone to trap them for you using this E-book as a guide.  You might have a neighbor, a grandchild, or friend who would do i19 March, 2009easonable fees, it would still be cheaper than calling a rodent control professional.


  • Why you should trap
  • Which trap to use
  • How to use the best traps
  • What you need to know when purchasing gopher traps
  • Why repellents are a waste of time and money
  • Ladies, learn which traps are best for you
  • Reasons electronic devices aren't the answer
  • Learn how to find the gopher's hole
  • Learn the secrets to eliminate your gopher problems

In my e-book "HOW TO TRAP POCKET GOPHERS" you will find:

  • The answers to your pocket gopher control problems
  • Ways to determine whether you have moles or gophers
  • How to set gopher traps
  • How to choose the right mounds to find gopher holes
  • How to dispose of your gopher bodies
  • That using traps is the most effective way to get rid of pocket gophers

Now let's hear what some farmers have said!

     "I am a farmer in Malheur County Oregon.  Our 1000 acre row crop farm is gravity irrigated furrows.  Pocket gophers and the burrows and tunnels they dig can create a tremendous problem causing precious irrigation water to be wasted. Tim started trapping pocket gophers on our farm 35 years ago when my father hired him to help clean out the gophers.  Over the years Tim has caught over 3500 gophers on our farm alone.  Through his experience on our farm and our neighboring farms, Tim has acquired knowledge of the gopher's habits and the most effective methods of trapping them."

Reid K. Saito
KLG Farms, Inc.
Nyssa, Oregon

     "Pocket Gophers" The worst little rodent there ever was for a farmer.  I was introduced to the varmint when I was around five years of age.  My father hired Tim K. to trap them for him.  I would ride around with Tim on his big red Honda three wheeler, I watched him trap gophers with a passion for it.  I learned how to shape the hole; place the trap, cover the trap.  That's when we used the Green Box Traps.  Now days we use the Cinch trap.  For many years I never saw Tim and then he came around and showed me how to use a spoon instead of the shovel.  The things that I learned throughout the years growing up and the things Tim K. taught still benefit me today now that I am farming 235 acres.   Thanks Tim"

Stoney Schulthies
Nyssa, Oregon

Imagine what the gopher population on your property will be in
3 months, 6 months, 12 months if you don't act now?

   Or do you want to enjoy life knowing your gophers are resting in peace, and you will know that if another gopher shows up you will have the confidence and knowledge to handle him.

   Remember, you sleep better without the worry of gopher problems.

   Just give yourself the opportunity to read this e-book and enjoy the benefits yourself.

   It would be a shame to waste time on an endless search to find a better way to solve your gopher problems when you can get this one-of-a-kind book now.

Gopher Be Gone E-Book

You can download the E-book today.... to your computer within minutes.

Download “HOW TO TRAP POCKET GOPHERS” right now for $27.95,
NOW ONLY $17.95 !!

Take this opportunity to learn how to solve your gopher problems.  I promise you that it will be the best guide you can get to solve your gopher problems.

Download from my secure server for $27.95, NOW ONLY $17.95 !! , I am so certain that you will benefit from this program that you will get a full refund for up to 30 days, if you are not 100% satisfied with the information provided in my e-book

Just click on the order now button and purchase

Tim Klinkenberg

P.S. Any time during the next 30 days that you aren't convinced that the guide detailed what you need to know to trap pocket gophers, just tell me and I'll happily and quickly refund your payment.

P.P.S. Doing nothing is asking for a gopher disaster. 

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